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Dangling relationships are part of the story that tells a story bigger than what is seen. Data modelers are tasked to paint the big picture of data. Often this picture needs to be told in a series of smaller slices. It is these dangling relationships that are the common threads that tie these slices of data together.

Tom Bilcze 2015-03-04 270X270Data modelers are familiar with dangling relationships, relationships in a subject area that extend beyond the subject area. They cannot be avoided.  They are actually a good thing. Relationships crossing subject areas show integration of data across subject areas. A sound data design most certainly crosses multiple subject areas to paint the big picture.

Just as relationship lines must extend beyond the limits of a data model, data modelers must also reach beyond the safety and comfort of our modeling world to tell our stories. The posts in this blog speak of the importance of data in the world and the important role of data modelers is in telling a complete and accurate story of data.

Join me in exploring how our dangling relationships interconnect data modelers and their data models to a multitude of people, places and things in a data hungry world.

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