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  1. I agree with most of what you say here Tom, and you make some very valid points. In point 5 where you state “a move of data architects from just that slight foot in the business door to a more accountable presence with the business.” is what would ideally help promote the data architects (DAs) value to the business, but in reality, IT knows a lot about the business already and when the DAs who are representative of IT, keep coming to the business over and over again with the same “interview” questions, it becomes an interesting outcome – more of annoyance to the business folks than a welcoming with open arms. . I think that what may work best is relying first on subject matter experts that exist within the IT confines and going to the business only for validation and confirmations that cannot be achieved within IT.

    The notion of the data architect focusing on more than just the ERD as a communication tool is right on. With all the new technologies and tools, especially the cloud and the whole “aaS” paradigm, it is driving the data architect to become more of a data integrator than a data creator or modeler relying solely on the ERD.

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