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2015-04-16 08.11.35My name is Tom Bilcze. I have been modeling data since 1988 when I was first introduced to CASE tools and relational database design. I have served in many data centric roles in multiple industries including manufacturing, public utilities, transportation, insurance and finance over the years. I have spent the majority of my data career working in data warehousing and business intelligence. It’s been a fun trip.

Over time, I have been very active in the data modeling community. I am very interested in social networking and user communities. They are critical in providing opportunities that advance data modelers’ skills, and keep the modeling community current and relevant.

My current interest and a theme you will see in my blog posts is the importance of data modelers evolving their role to meet the demands of a world that has an insatiable appetite for data. Data modelers can no longer solely rely on their skills in creating an ERD. The job of data modeler is much more comprehensive. The modeler must be a communicator, marketer, facilitator, traffic cop, and much more.

I hope you join me as I explore my changing world as a data modeler and blogger.

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