Some Highlights from the Modeling Global User Community Board

Periodically I like to update members of the ERwin community on what is happening in the Modeling Global User Community. This month marks the end of my first year as President of the board. It’s been a very busy year with many good things happening. My fellow board members continue to amaze me with their commitment to this community and willingness to make it better. The current status of major initiatives we are working on follows.
Product enhancements
Garry Gramm, our Enhancement Request Coordinator, has been working with CA Technologies and the board on getting a new and improved enhancement process up and running. Last week he hosted a webcast with regional user community Presidents. Garry discussed his new approach and gave participants a look at our new process with the help of Rob Rachlin of the CA Communities team.
Gary is still ironing out the details, but it looks like we will be using a CA Technologies developed process known as Ideation. This MGUC portal hosted process starts with our members posting ideas that then get thumbs up or thumbs down by other members. It brings our members and the CA product management folks together for an ongoing dialogue. Look for more details from Garry in the future. The board is hopeful that we can roll out this process within the next few months.
Regional Speaker Reimbursement
The board is just putting the finishing touches on this program that will benefit both regional and global user communities. A message that regional Presidents have given the board is that it is difficult to find quality speakers for their meetings. Presidents would like to have well known modeling industry experts speak but many times do not have the funds to make it happen.
The MGUC speaker reimbursement program will allow regional user communities to apply for up to $1,000 to cover speaker expenses. Additionally, this program requires that the regional community host a webcast of the speaker’s session. The program will require board review and approval. A limited number of speakers will be funded annually. Preference will be given to communities that have not participated as webcast hosts in the past. It’s a win-win proposition with better regional programs and more global webcasts.
Regional Meeting Expense Reimbursement
The board has just started work on a program to assist regional user communities with meeting expenses. CA Technologies currently covers most catering expenses for regional meetings. They can not always cover other expenses, such as meeting space rental. This program will allow regional communities to apply for financial assistance to cover these expenses. The rules and regulations governing this program are being drafted at this time. There will most likely be a limit to the number of requests that the MGUC can cover in a year. Look for this program being rolled out in the next 2-3 months.
The board has not forgotten about our members’ request for an ERwin knowledgebase. We have explored several options as possible alternatives. It has been simmering on the back burner for the past few months. Work on other processes has taken the front seat for now.
However, things are looking promising for a knowledgebase sometime in 2011. The CA Communities Team has been piloting the deployment of a WIKI space within the CA communities’ portal. A WIKI would give us a perfect space to host our knowledgebase. I am not certain of the timeframe for deployment to other user communities beyond their pilot, but I believe that this will happen some time in 20111. Stay tuned. I can assure you that we will be taking full advantage of this feature once it become available.
The MGUC Board meets monthly via a conference call with CA Technologies communities, product management and marketing representatives. In addition to the items highlighted above, we are planning upcoming webcasts, strategies for growing and encouraging involvement in our communities, CA World 2011 ERwin sessions and the monthly business of keeping this a vital responsive community. I invite you to contact any board member if you have a question, comment or suggestion. Their contact information is on the MGUC portal home page.
Tom Bilcze
Modeling Global User Community President
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