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This past week I shared my thoughts on the state of data modeling communities. My post spoke of the transition our communities are experiencing. Perhaps the most prominent trend is the movement from in-person regional user communities to the virtual communities. I am sharing my short list of data communities that data architects should consider joining.

  1. Dataversity | is an excellent resource for data architects and the data community. It sponsors many data related conferences including Enterprise Data World. It hosts numerous industry expert bloggers and monthly free-of-charge webcasts by Karen Lopez, Peter Aiken, Bob Seiner and others.
  2. | is the portal for ERwin Data Modeler users that brings together everything ERwin in one place. You can find links to the Erwin communities, an active discussion board, support and much more. ERwin users should frequent this community.
  3. LinkedIn | is a valuable resource for the data professional. It is much more than an employment resource. LinkedIn is rich in their groups (found under the Interests menu). The groups focus on data topics such as data modeling, data governance, big data, and more. My experience is that they are places where you can ask tough and philosophical data questions.
  4. Twitter | allows users to interact with and ask for assistance from hundreds and thousands of people across the world. It’s as easy as finding a fellow data professional and becoming a follower. Follow the people they follow and pay attention to hash tags to build your Twitter community. The data community is in its infancy on Twitter and needs to reach critical mass before it can shine.
  5. Information Management | is one of the best data community portals. It is a good source of blogs, industry news, webinars, and white papers. They have assembled a good panel of industry experts with rich content. It is a good source of data folk to follow on Twitter, LinkedIn or personal web sites.
  6. Enterprise Data World | and Data Modeling Zone | are data modeling and data community conferences. Both conferences are vendor independent and vet speakers and sessions very well. Strong data modeling communities are present on-site with excellent networking.
  7. Dangling relationships | is my personal data blog. I list it as an example of community building. I saw a need for a data architect voice that was not an industry expert, consultant or a software vendor partner. It gives me a personal platform to elevate the data modeling issues important to me. Each of us has the ability to build a community where we see a need.

If a maturity model existed for web-based data modeling communities, the maturity would be in the infant or pre-teen years. I measure maturity based on interaction, involvement and influence. Most data architects have not involved themselves sufficiently in virtual communities to make these communities offer great value. I urge you to join and engage in the communities listed in this article. It is good for you your career and the data architect community.

Tom Bilcze

I am presenting at Data Modeling Zone 2014 in Portland, Oregon. I hope that you will join me in my sessions: Is your data model a work of art? and Relationship versatility and the data modeler #DMzone

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