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Occasionally I like to share what?s going on in the Modeling Global User Community in my blog. We?ve been busy the past few months and the rest of the year is looking just as busy. Here?s the latest and greatest?

CA World 2011

Unfortunately there will not be a modeling track at CA World 2011. This year?s conference is focusing on cloud computing and virtualization. About 50% of the CA product portfolio will not have a dedicated track. Some of our members will be in Las Vegas participating in tracks related to other software products and exploring virtualization and cloud computing.

The MGUC Board has scheduled a CA Modeling Global Community Meeting (Session Code: DH009UN) for Monday November 14 at 5:15pm in Reef D. This will be an informal get-together and discussion. Additionally, the MGUC would like to know if you plan on attending CA World. We are going to host informal gatherings such as breakfasts, lunches and evening networking sessions. Email me at tombilcze@westfieldgrp.comif you will be in Las Vegas. I look forward to meeting you.

ERworld 2011

This year?s web conference was a resounding success. There were over 1,600 registered with most sessions averaging 150-250 attendees. Those are great statistics for the ERwin community. I was personally impressed by the quality of the speakers and sessions. I am sure we can look for a bigger and even better ERworld 2012! Many thanks to Donna Burbank and Kathy Meara from CA Technologies who worked hard top make this conference happen.

If you missed the conference or want to go back and take a second look at a presentation, they are available on at Just click on the notepad icon in the download column of the session.

You can view the recorded sessions on-demand at The conference web site will be available through the end of the year. Viewing the session recordings requires the installation of RealPlayer. To view a session, click on [On Demand] on the session listing on the Auditorium Listings in the Auditorium.

Product Enhancements

There is some very good news to share on the MGUC product enhancement request front. Garry Gramm, our Enhancement Request Coordinator, has been working over the past year on re-architecting the user community enhancement request process. He plans to roll-out a web-based survey interface that will let you vote on-line. This process will have a quick turnaround and be shared across our social network channels. He designed this agile-like approach to fit better into the CA Technologies agile release process. Look for an email in the coming weeks with the survey appearing in a tab on the MGUC portal.

MGUC ERwin Knowledgebase

The MGUC is getting close to deploying an ERwin knowledgebase on our portal page. We hope to complete the design this year and launch the knowledgebase in early 2012. This is where we need your help. We are looking for a few ERwin community members who would serve on a team to design the structure of the knowledgebase. This will only involve 3-4 web meetings through the end of the year. The MGUC Board wants to make sure the knowledgebase structure best meets our community?s needs. You can email me at tombilcze@westfieldgrp.comto volunteer.

Elections Coming

No, not the U.S. Presidential election but the MGUC Board election. Watch for a call for nominations email in early November. Our board members serve a two year term. I encourage you to consider volunteering. Position descriptions and other details will be shared in the call for nominations email. Your involvement helps our community grow.

Now for something funny?

The following tweet came in this morning. I just had to share this bit of seasonal humor. Happy Halloween!




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