Highlights of the CA MGUC Meetings @ CA World 2010

On Wednesday the CA Modeling Global User Community held morning and afternoon meetings for community members at CA World. This was a chance for members to come together to review what has been happening in our community and what is on our horizon. It was also a great opportunity for the CA MGUC Board to listen to members, solicit their input, and get feedback on our progress and efforts-to-date.

The prioritization of CA MGUC product enhancement requests and discussions with Danny Sandwell and the CA ERwin team at CARE were of great interest to the members. In the afternoon session, Neil Buchwalter hosted a web meeting for a quick tour of ERwin 8.0. It was well received. Look for an opportunity to see ERwin 8.0 in a future webcast or at your local user community meeting.
Good feedback was received on using the new My CA and user communities’ portal. The portal is more visible on the CA web site and My CA offers a customized 1-stop-shop approach. This will answer concerns that the user community’s pages and forums have been buried. 
There is interest in building a knowledgebase in our portal side. Some ideas of content included tips, techniques, option sets, and macros. We also discussed the quarterly CA MGUC webcasts. Those present wanted more advance notice and a schedule of webcasts for the year.
The board welcomes your input on the portal, knowledgebase and webcasts. We are aware that the greater user community could not be present at CA World. All of these ideas merit attention. We need you to help us get the ball rolling by telling us how you want these shaped. They will be added to the CA MGUC Board quarterly meeting agenda. Look for more on these in the future.

CA graciously donated a copy of CA ERwin Validator to the user community to give away as a door prize drawing at our CA World meeting. The winner was Miguel Veloz. Congratulations Miguel!

I want to thank all of the modeling user community members who attended CA World and attended either of these meetings. It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope that the board met your expectations for the meeting. The board is here for YOU and YOU drive how the board works for YOU. Don’t hesitate to contact me or any board member if you have a concern, idea or need more information.
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