Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?

This past Tuesday, I participated in the Global Modeling User Community board meeting. The board meets monthly via an hour-long conference call. The officers and CA Technologies modeling team representatives discuss current topics of interest to the ERwin modeling community and projects that the board and CA Technologies is working on.

Each month I try to blog on one of the main points that we touched on during the call. After reviewing the conference call minutes, communications emerged as the primary focus of this month’s work. Many of the things on our plate involve communications to our user community. This doesn’t surprise me since it’s been a focus since I have been President of the board.

Forming a closer alliance of the global user community with our regional user communities is high on the board’s priority list. We are continuing with our quarterly regional user community Presidents’ webcasts. In mid November we are switching the webcast to a conference call hoping to get more of dialogue going. We continue to seek guidance from these community leaders on how we can help their communities grow and how they can help us grow.

The board continues to expand our social networking via social media. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer the promise of a larger and more interactive modeling social network. The Modeling Global User Community 4th quarter webcast on December 1 will cover the who, what, where, when and how of social networking. The agenda is almost set. Watch for the announcement in the coming weeks. I think it will prove to be an exciting and informative webcast regardless of your experience with social media.

The board has not forgotten the user community’s desire for a knowledgebase. It’s been tossed around in discussions and is getting closer to being a reality. We’ve been seeking input from other user communities on how they implemented a user community managed knowledgebase. The regional user communities Presidents get their chance to voice their thoughts in November’s conference call. I encourage you to give your personal thoughts on the knowledgebase structure and content.

Does the topic of this blog entry seem familiar? If you are a fan of Lilly Tomlin and the Laugh In television series from the 70s, you know that it is how Ernestine, the telephone operator, greeted customers. (I wonder if there are even telephone operators today.) I think it’s pertinent to communications in today’s faster, Internet enabled world. Think of the challenge we face today. We can put volumes of communications out there on web sites and social networks. What we often don’t know is if we are speaking to the people we want to reach. I know I struggle with that challenge whenever I post a blog entry, status update, or tweet. I would love to know if I have indeed reached the party to whom I am speaking.

Is it too much to ask for just one ringy dingy?

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