ERworld and the epic life

I am an optimist and social media junkie for inspirational and motivational people. Two seemingly unrelated tweets appeared in my Twitter feed this week. CA Technologies announced the agenda and registration for ERworld 2015, a free two day on-line data management conference. Dumb Little Man, a blog of tips for living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life, shared 8 Principles to live by for an Epic Life.

DumbLittleMaC60a-A00aT01a-Z2Social media weaves together different information streams. Seemingly unrelated topics can come together and give you new insight. That happened with the eight principles that Luigi Potenza shared on Dumb Little Man. His epic post did not target data architects. It was fresh in my mind as I read about ERworld. It gave me insight on how valuable this conference is to the work of data architects.

Data architects are working in a time where the role is changing as the data world ventures into undiscovered country; actually a time of great discovery. Many a data architect sees the challenges of big data, new technologies, and new methods as counter to our data principles and our role in the data resource. The truth is that the data architect will become more valuable in the coming years.

The principles Dumb Little Man shared translate well to the new roles of data architects. Each of us needs to uncover the vision and direction we will take in managing this new data world. We need to be prepared to embrace some discomfort and step outside our existing boundaries and preconceived limitations. Above all, we must instill a positive attitude and belief in ourselves and our abilities.

logo_2015ERworld 2015 can help us live epic lives as data architects. CA technologies has put together a conference that explores business intelligence, data warehousing, big data, data governance, ERwin and data modeling tips and techniques, and perspectives on new and emerging technologies. These sessions should challenge most data architects to explore and grow their knowledge, role and marketability.

The good news is that this conference is two full days with nineteen sessions that are totally FREE. There is no travel cost and lost time away from the office. You can learn from your cubicle or in the comfort of your home. Take a look at the agenda. The speakers are among the industry and thought leaders in data management.

It’s your chance to make your life as a data architect an epic life. Take a few minutes to register for the conference. If you haven’t already, check out Dumb Little Man. I challenge you to live those eight principles in your daily world as a data architect. Let your techie self embrace a little touchy feely philosophy. You will see growth in your career and approach to data modeling and life.

Peace, love and data modeling!
Tom Bilcze

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