Erwin Summit 2013: Planning for our future

I find myself thinking about how I and my fellow ERwin users can make our community stronger and more valuable. The Modeling Global User Community (MGUC) has served the ERwin community well over the years. As with any community, there comes a time when we must take a deeper look at our organization. We must ask ourselves if we are meeting our community’s goals and objectives and serving our members’ needs.

In mid-November, the Modeling Global User Community Board and the CA Technologies Modeling and Communities teams will be meeting to give our community a much needed health check. This two day summit focuses on building a stronger partnership between the MGUC and CA Technologies. There is no doubt that a unified voice better serves our global community.

The MGUC Board kicks off the weekend in a brainstorming session to identify and prioritize goals and objectives for our community. The goal of this exercise is to create short and long term plans for our community. This is where we are seeking input from you, Erwin users, our regional user communities and global membership. I strongly encourage you to respond to this post with the things you believe the MGUC board needs to discuss at the summit.

I will share my personal list of items I believe our community should address. I welcome your comments, suggestions and additions to these topics.

  1. Closer alignment of the MGUC community with CA Technologies in the ERwin roadmap
  2. Stronger support of regional modeling user communities by the MGUC
  3. A stronger and active global social network of ERwin users
  4. Regular schedule of modeling webcasts by the user community for the user community
  5. Easy to use, community driven modeling and ERwin knowledgebase

As part of this summit, the MGUC and CA Technologies teams will review the board’s draft of short and long range plans for the user community. This joint dialogue will validate, strengthen and seek support for our plans. Our goal is to come out of the weekend with a workable set of goals and objectives for the MGUC.

A good bit of time has been allocated at the summit to discuss the ERwin roadmap and enhancement request process. CA Technologies is in the early stages of deploying Ideation, an on-line socially-driven process, for our community. This discussion is being facilitated by Garry Gramm, the MGUC Enhancement Request Coordinator and Neil Buchwalter, CA Technologies Product Manager.

I am confident that this very capable group of individuals will develop a plan that will lead our community down a successful path in the months and years to come. Look for communications after the summit detailing the work that was completed. I am excited at the opportunities that lie ahead for this community.

Above all, I urge community members and ERwin users to send me your thoughts for the summit. Your input is very important to the work we are about to undertake. I cannot emphasizer that enough. You can email me at  I look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Bilcze
Modeling Global User Community President

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