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There is unhappiness in the ERwin community with the changes that data modelers saw at CA World 2011. The conference had dropped the data modeling track. It was a much downsized conference that was structured around current IT hot topics rather than a software user focused conference.

Software conferences are in transition. Much of this change has to do the economy and the change in technology. Corporations are less likely to send employees to conferences when their budgets are constrained. Web technology has rapidly changed over the past few years. Virtual conferences, once a novelty, are becoming increasingly common. They are attractive since they involve no employee travel expenses. 

As the days of mega-conferences wane, an increasing focus and interest by the enterprise on everything data is growing. Data transformed into information is a critical asset that enterprises need to manage efficiently. Data-focused software is becoming increasingly feature laden. Software vendors are answering the needs of big data, MDM, BI, analytics and an increasing amount of corporate data.

Data modeling is central to almost all data initiatives in an enterprise. Data modelers need to stay up to date on current data trends, software and techniques. Data modeling has always been a side track to many data conferences. There has been no place of our own in the conference world. However, this fall ERwin data modelers do have two conferences focusing on their needs. 

ERworld 2012

CA Technologies returns with their popular data modeling web conference, ERworld 2012. The third edition promises to be THE place of our own for ERwin data modelers. Last year saw the growth of this conference to over 1,500 attendees. CA’s tagline for the conference says it all. “…for data management professionals, by data management professionals, and 100% focused on topics relevant to data management professionals.

This is also your opportunity to share your knowledge of ERwin. The call for speakers is currently open. Prior conferences were a success due to many peer-to-peer sessions. Fellow ERwin users want to hear how you use ERwin to make a difference in your enterprise. You can find more information at

The Data Modeling Zone

Steve Hoberman has assembled an impressive agenda for the inaugural Data Modeling Zone. As the name implies, this conference is all about data modeling. It is THE place of our own for data modelers. He has packed 4 days full of sessions that cover all areas of data modeling. What you also see in this agenda are sessions that speak to how data modeling fits into today’s hot data topics such as Agile, BI, big data and analytics.

There is also be a place of our own for ERwin data modelers at this conference. I will be hosting an Erwin SIG on Thursday morning. I will be joined by many of our CA Technologies modeling team members and CA Technologies ERwin partners. You can find more information about this conference at

I hope that you can attend both of these data modeling conferences. They are definitely places we can call our own. Data modelers have been asking for conferences such as ERworld 2012 and the Data Modeling Zone. CA Technologies and Steve Hoberman have taken note and responded with conferences packed with sessions that are extremely relevant to the data modeler’s needs.

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