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Let’s talk community; specifically the data architect community. Ask yourself. “Who are the people in my data architect community?” The answer differs for each of us. Some people might include current and former coworkers, data architects in local companies, user group members, conference attendees, Internet social networking buddies, and perhaps industry experts and speakers.

I am a believer in communities and community building. Much is achieved when voices join together to make change, help one another and grow. IT technology communities continue to evolve as they have over the past 5-10 years. Local user communities are yielding to socially networked communities. Popular social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have encouraged this transformation.

Ask yourself, “Who are the people in my data social networks?” Here’s a valuable career tip for data architects. Start or build up your data social network today. The connections you make on LinkedIn, Twitter or in vendor technical communities such as CA Technologies Communities quickly show a return on investment. These socially networked communities have no geographical constraints. Here are three opportunities for data architects to build and grow their data communities.

CA Technologies Communities – There has been much change in this community over the past year. Members have a personal portal page similar to Facebook where you gather the people and topics that interest you.

The CA Modeling Community brings together CA ERwin users in discussions, idea sharing, blog posts, sharing videos, documents and files and numerous other features. One of the best features is community ideation where ideas are shared, voted on and reviewed by the CA Erwin modeling team. This community is free. If you are a CA ERwin user, you should become a member and an active participant.

ERworld – I am a fan of this virtual data conference hosted by CA Technologies. It’s free. It has no travel expenses. You can attend at home or in your office. It is a conference built for data modelers. The virtual conference software recreates an in-person conference very well. Social networking is alive at ERworld with tweeters, attendees and speakers actively sharing in their social networks.

If you have not already, I urge you to visit the conference website and register today. ERworld is being held on March 18 and 19, 2015. Pull up your chair. Log-on and be prepared to do some serious social networking.

Enterprise Data World (EDW) – This conference is the premier conference for data folk. Data modeling and data architects are well represented in the sessions, speakers and attendees. If you are attending EDW on March 29 – April 3 in Washington D.C., you have tremendous opportunity to grow your data social network. I will be hosting the CA ERwin SIG on Monday March 30. I hope to see you there.

Here are some valuable tips for EDW and other data conferences. Networking is not limited to coffee breaks and lunch hours. Find out the conference #hashtag. Read some tweets. Tweet something that interested you. Follow your fellow tweeters.

Attendees not savvy in social networking have no idea that a socially networked conference is happening on their mobile devices. Twitter allows you to attend a wide variety of sessions at the same time and view these sessions through the eyes of fellow data social networkers.

As a reader of this blog post, I k now that you have at least dipped your toes in social data networks. Build your social network with me. The icons on the top of this page link to my social networks. Click on them and join me. You will soon find a bigger community than you imagined existed.

Tom Bilcze

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