Can we talk?

This week I hosted a webcast for Regional Modeling User Community Presidents. As the CA Technologies Global Modeling User Community (GMUC) President, I think the work of the global board should be driven by the community. The regional presidents are one of the most important voices we have in the modeling community. They are seasoned ERwin users, have a good network with their local ERwin community, and are our voice at their local meetings and events.

I plan on continuing these quarterly webcasts as a means to bring the regional presidents together and encourage networking between their groups and the GMUC. During this week’s webcast, participants were surveyed on a variety of items. In addition, the presidents are currently being surveyed on the webcast content. These webcasts are only effective if those attending are participatory during the webcast and the GMUC acts on the items they identified as being of importance to them.
From the survey responses and the few post-webcast surveys that I have been looking at, communication is an issue. This shouldn’t surprise me since it’s an issue with just about any group. With the community being global, communication becomes so much more critical and more difficult to manage. Finding common problems, sharing solutions, educating oneself and recognizing those who lead the way all are only successful when the lines of communication are open and frequently used. Today, I am highlighting some items the presidents feel are of importance to them and their communities.
An ERwin knowledgebase of macros, templates, report templates, naming standards files, and other tips and techniques is high on the wish list of the regional community. The GMUC Board heard that at CA World too. I personally believe it is critical to establish. I look for it to be on the GMUC Board’s plate soon. The main issue facing this is the time constraints on making it a reality. It will take some time and effort and a person willing to lead the way. The challenge we face is finding a person to be that leader. I plan on looking at how other CA Technologies communities have implemented a knowledgebase. They might be able to give us a jump start.
Providing webcasts and training is something the GMUG Board actively works on and does a pretty decent job. In the coming month’s, the GMUG will most likely be working closer with CA Technologies on coordinating our webcasts and producing a schedule of webcasts for our community members. With ERwin 8.0 in beta and due for released soon, there is an expectation that the MGUC will help enable ERwin 8 training. The board has not discussed this yet. I believe it will be an area that the GMUC will need to focus on for 2011.
Recognition in the user community is a personal focus I feel is important for any user community. The idea of setting up some sort of recognition program was almost unanimously favored by the regional presidents. The MGUC receives funds form CA Technologies on an annual basis. Recognition is an acceptable use for these funds. The board has only had a high level discussion of recognition. This discussion will most likely continue. Given the importance of other board activities, it will most likely move slowly. Again, I will look to other user communities and their programs. It would be nice to find one that can give us that jumpstart.
Well, that wraps up my thoughts for the week. Please give me your thoughts on this week’s post. I plan on blogging weekly and look for your input on the content. I am open to your ideas and input. As Joan Rivers says, “Can we talk?”
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