As time flies by and the year winds down..

December is typically a month when the IT community winds down. Most organizations limit software releases and implement holiday schedules to assure minimum impact in applications and systems when staff levels are low and many team members traveling. Come January 1 the ever increasing speed of IT development resumes full force.
During this holiday season, the Modeling Global User Community (MGUC) is really rocking with many new projects underway. I am amazed at the commitment the seven member MGUC Board has demonstrated during my first nine months as President. We are also very lucky to have engaged CA Technologies team members working with us on making our community successful.
As we end the year, I would like to highlight some of the major initiatives that are on the MGUC Board’s desk at this time.
  • Webcasts: The modeling community has made it clear that they value webcasts and want the program continued. The board is working on ways to expand our webcast calendar. Watch for an ERwin r8 Beta User Experience webcast in first quarter 2011. We are also exploring options to deliver webcasts to our International community during European business hours.
  • Regional User Community Support: Dan Dechichio, our Secretary, is leading the development of a speaker reimbursement program to assist regional communities financially with speaker expenses. This program encourages global webcasts originating from regional user community meetings. It will be a win-win for both the global and regional communities.
  • Product Enhancement Process: Garry Gramm, the MGUC Enhancement Request Coordinator, has presented his preliminary findings and recommendations for a new product enhancement process that will be more interactive and engage more community members. In the coming months, the MGUC Board and CA Technologies will be working with Garry on moving this innovative process forward.
  • Social Networks: Both the CA Technologies Why Be Normal? and MGUC We Be Normal! Social networking programs are in full swing and getting great response. We encourage you to actively participate in our social networks. As a bonus, you have a chance to win some nice prizes including an Apple iPad.

I hope that you can see from the items above that the MGUC has a very talented board that works hard to manage and move our community forward. I want to personally thank these board members who have given their precious time and talents to shape the community into a resource that benefits all of our global members.

  • Seve McMahon, Vice President
  • Francois Cartier, Treasurer
  • Daniel Dechichio, Secretary
  • Luis-Ignacio Gonzalez Fernandez , VP of Communications
  • Hanne Christensen, VP of Programs
  • Garry Gramm, Enhancement Request Coordinator 

As always, I remind all ERwin users that this community is your community. The board can not effectively govern unless we have your feedback. I encourage you to email any board member when you have an idea, an issue or a question. We will respond as quickly as we can. You will find links to email us and add us as a fiend on the MGUC Home Page.

I’ve reached 2NF in “Why Be Normal?” How normalized are you?

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