As the dust settles…

Winston Churchill once said, “’No comment’ is a splendid expression. I am using it again and again.”

For the past eight months, the ERwin user community has faced uncertainty during the now terminated sale of ERwin to Embarcadero Technologies. Again and again, the community was faced with the silence of no comments. No sinister or backroom motives were involved. Silence is a standard operating procedure during a software asset sale. It keeps the parties involved from engaging in illegalities and behaviors that could misrepresent imperil or change the sale in any way.

The silence frustrated me as the president of the Modeling Global User Community (MGUC) board. I commend my fellow board members for hanging with me in as the process moved forward. We met regularly with the CA modeling team. The members of this community need to realize that the CA modeling team operated under business as usual as much as possible this year. It was not an easy summer and fall for all parties involved.

There has been a good bit of gossip and speculation during this timeframe. I have no inside information on the sale, termination of the sale and the product’s future that has been secretly shared with me. I can share what I know from my conversations with the CA modeling team on the MGUC conference call meetings. There are some pretty positive things happening that the ERwin user community should celebrate.

  1. ERworld is going to be bigger and better in 2015. The CA Technologies call for speakers resulted in a full agenda of sessions and topics. As one of the reviewers, I was impressed by the quality of speakers and sessions. Look for this virtual conference to be announced shortly.
  2. ERwin 9.6 is well underway and looks to be released in the first half of 2015. Product development did not take a vacation during the past eight months.
  3. ERwin Roadmap is alive and kicking. The CA modeling team continues to forge forward with the future capabilities and direction of ERwin.
  4. Your ideas count on the ERwin discussion forum . This year the CA Technologies communities moved to a new platform. Incorporated in this platform is the ability to submit an idea and thumbs up or thumbs down ideas. I believe that existing enhancement requests have been moved to these ideas. The important thing to know is that the CA modeling tem reviews these ideas and offers feedback on a regular basis. There is now an interactive discussion between the community and CA.

There is a lot of work ahead for our community. Some of the top priorities for the MGUC board follow.

  1. Update our CA Communities portal to include current and accurate information. Enable functionality that will benefit our members.
  2. Quarterly webcasts will begin in early 2015. A good candidate for first quarter will be ideation and the enhancement process through the portal.
  3. Increase our social networking presence. This friendlier portal enables us to offer more web-based content and interaction. It is the place where product enhancements are discussed, voted on and acknowledged by CA. A challenge will be to get the community on-line and onboard to take advantage of this functionality.
  4. Revisit the MGUC strategic plan. In late 2013 the MGUC board met with the CA modeling and communities teams for a strategic user community planning weekend. Many opportunities were identified. Now that the dust has cleared, the plan needs revisited and reprioritized.
  5. Regional Communities. Understand how our virtual and regional community can best be served. CA Technologies is moving to a web-based community model. The MGUC needs to understand how we can best meet the needs of our active regional communities under this new structure.

That’s all folks. That is my brain dump of what I know about ERwin and our community at this time. Feel free to comment on the post. The MGUC Board is very anxious to get up and running in the first quarter of 2015. I sincerely hope our time of no comments is gone and replaced with a lot of interaction and discussion.

Tom Bilcze

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