Are we social animals?

Over the past few weeks I’ve participated in several meetings and conference calls where social media and social networking took center stage. It got me thinking about social networking in the modeling community. After taking inventory I found that we data folks are actually quite social. So much for that geeky loner stereotype that DBAs, data models, data analysts and data architects have endured through the years.

Here is a list of data social networking sites that I find useful and participate in.
  1. My CA – This new customer portal has some real promise. It already integrates CA support, user communities and discussion forums. Right now it is very new and has little participation. I look for this site to grow in participation and features in the coming years.
  2. – This is nice site that CA maintains that gathers everything ERwin into one place. I like reading their expert blogs. They have assembled a great group of ERwin experts who contribute regularly to the blogs. This site also connects to the CA User Communities discussion forum.
  3. Facebook – What would a social networking discussion be without a mention of Facebook? The ERwin page posts photos of ERwin events and announces upcoming events and webcasts. It’s a good spot to connect with fellow ERwin users.
  4. LinkedIn – There are actually several groups in LinkedIn that are just for ERwin social networkers. The CA ERwin Modeling Group is a mixed bag of news, questions, and other ERwin related topics. I’ve become a fan of Maximum Data Modeling. Victor Rodriguez, former CA Tech Support member, facilitates discussion and posts links to his current blog posts at
  5. InfoAdvisors – Karen Lopez’s discussion forum is the grand-daddy of ERwin discussion forums. She has great participation and just about all of the ERwin “experts” check-in with her and post regularly.
 I know there are bound to be many more social networking sites for members of the ERwin community. I invite you to add some comments on other sites you use regularly and find useful. As with any social networking, our ERwin community will be dynamic and take on a life of its own. It’s up to us to begin shaping and growing it into a community that will support us and help us grow in our data careers.   
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