A Look at Sandhill Consultants ERwin r8 Conversion Class

Last Friday I was fortunate to attend the ERwin r8 Conversion Class in Columbus, Ohio taught by Ed Bantegui of Sandhill Consultants. This class was written to assist experienced ERwin users in upgrading to the new release. Given the number of changes in the interface, additional features and new reporting engine, the class was fast moving covering a large amount of content during the day. It delivered as promised in the abstract and table of contents. The class was highly interactive with hands-on exercises to reinforce the training.
My instructor was Ed Bantegui, in my opinion one of the best resources for the ERwin user community. Ed has spoken at many of our regional community meetings and on a recent MGUC webcast. I think of Ed as the “ERwin Guy”. He earns that title by his breadth of knowledge of the tool and ability to speak to all levels of ERwin users. Ed did an excellent job leading this class. As with his appearances at user community meetings, Ed loves to share bonus material from his background and repertoire.
Looking at the class content, it is very comprehensive. As mentioned earlier, it is fast moving. You should definitely not look at it as ERwin 101 training. It is targeted to the seasoned ERwin community. The exercises were plentiful, highly participatory and very much mimicked real life tool usage. We covered a lot of material in eight hours. This is what I was looking for as a 16 year ERwin user. I am at the start of my project to migrate my workplace to ERwin 8 in late summer. What I learned in this class definitely helped solidify my migration plan.
I chose to review this class in my weekly MGUC President’s blog post since I believe this training meets the needs of our community. There is excitement, anxiety and disappointment with the release of ERwin 8. Sandhill Consulting has built a training class that seeks to relieve the anxiety and expose the new features and techniques available in this release. The ultimate decision to migrate to ERwin 8 rests with each of us. We must assess if the tool has the features we need to make us more productive data modellers. Educating ourselves is key in making that decision.
I’ll leave you with my personal thoughts on why you should consider enrolling in an ERwin r8 Conversion Class. The class contains a vast amount of knowledge on new features and changes in interface delivered a highly participatory manner in a single day. Tool migration is often underestimated. This class lays out the main points to consider when upgrading. An expert’s opinion is always welcomed and is definitely evident in the training and the instructor’s support after the training. There is no question that investing eight hours in this class will save you an exponential amount of time in tool usage, education and migration. As they say, “You get a lot of bang for your buck!”

Tom Bilcze
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