19 life hacks data modelers need to know

Summer is a good time for light reading. Life hacks are bits of light reads that are common in social media. These hacks share tricks, hints, and shortcuts that can make a person more efficient and productive. Here are 19 lighthearted life hacks for data modelers

  1. And what exactly are you saying? Spend more time listening and less time talking when you meet with your customers. People love to talk and find you more engaging if you let them talk.
  2. Tell me again what I said. We push meetings and designs along too quickly. Less time spent on a task is equated to being a good thing. Take your time and review frequently with peers.
  3. Hello, my name is. Don’t assume everybody knows who you are and what you do. Take time to get to know your team mates. Building relationships is time well spent.
  4. Students, today’s lesson is. Take every opportunity to educate your peers. Being misunderstood and excluded are symptoms of people not knowing what you do and your value.
  5. Excuse me, am I invisible? Speak up in design meetings. Data folk are often the minority in app development and are shy about rocking the boat. Make your voice is heard.
  6. I had a totally excellent time surfing! Productively surfing the web is a good use of your work time. In-your-cubicle education keepings you current with technology and trends.
  7. Boss, I am dying out here. Stop crying about the poor state of data design in your company. Talk to your boss often and educate him on the good, the bad and the ugly of your job.
  8. I’ll take what behind door 1. Game shows build interest by offering choices. Offering and being open to alternates choices engages your clients and coworkers in your work.
  9. Smile! It may be hard for many but putting on a happy face will win you friends and influence.
  10. Wait, wait, I know the answer. Be careful in quickly offering solutions. Listen to your business users and allow them to drive. Reflect back and offer suggestions appropriately.
  11. Did you know that…? Enterprise solutions require sharing of information across departments. Listen to your client’s business case and educate them about similar things happening across the company.
  12. Good job. Good job. Recognizing a job well done comes back in significant rewards. Trust and relationships are built on how others are treated and valued.
  13. Today, I am excited about everything! Excitement is contagious. Going into any task, meeting, project, etc. with an attitude of excitement eases possible conflicts and clashes.
  14. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Develop a move-forward attitude. Obstacles and diversions can slow your roll. Develop a strategy to positively overcome your typical roadblocks.
  15. And what language your body speaking? Your body speaks louder than your words. Present yourself as open and welcoming. Learn to read the body language of others.
  16. Could you be more annoying? It is a fine line between thorough analysis and annoyance. Develop a skill to know how deep and wide to go and leave a trail of happy customers.
  17. Love will keep us together. Project teams are like families. Love is easy when times are good. That changes with bad times, conflict and stress. Be the best team player in the worst of times.
  18. Who’s that behind the mask? It is difficult to be someone we are not. Go with the flow but don’t give up who you really are. Pull off the mask and be yourself to perform your best.
  19. The empire can strike back. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Don’t take your losses personally. Losses teach us about winning. Present your best case to deliver your best results.

Tom Bilcze

I am presenting at Data Modeling Zone 2014 in Portland, Oregon. I hope that you will join me in my sessions: Is your data model a work of art? and Relationship versatility and the data modeler #DMzone

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